Early 20's isn't a child (it was established she didn't become Batgirl till she was 18, and she'd been at it for a couple years, minimum). And even ignoring that, she's got years worth of combat experience that would have left her far more emotionally and cognitively equipped to deal with trauma than an 8 year old… » 3/31/15 3:59pm Yesterday 3:59pm

I don't think she'd have a shot at winning, nor am I sure she'd even be right for the job - but I still wish she would run, just so that the reals problems we're facing enter into the conversation. » 3/31/15 2:52pm Yesterday 2:52pm

As highly praised as the first season was - I don't even think it was that good. It had some great stuff to be sure, but a lot of meandering, unfocused plotting, a twist lifted from Watchmen, and a finale the chickened out on. I rewatched that first year a while back, and it didn't hold up that well. » 3/30/15 10:03am Monday 10:03am